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Established in 1999, Hankook Tech is striving to become a leader in the textile machinery field through continuous research and development.

As a leader in industrial textile machinery, we have successfully developed an auto bobbin change system and electronic management system to achieve customer satisfaction by maximizing productivity.

We promise to do our best to become a company that believes in the realization of customer value as a management philosophy.

연차별 소개

company history

1999. 05. Established Korea Tech

1999. 07. Developed Digicone Type Assembly winder

2000. 01. Developed random type assembly winder

2000. 05. Exhibited at Egyptian Textile Machinery Exhibition

2000. 06 Developed Digicone Type Dye pakage winder

2000. 08 Developed Digicone Type Re-winder

2001. 03. Hank to cone winder development

2003. 06 Developed precision type soft winder

2003. 08 Precision method re-winder development

2004. 10. Participated in Syria International Textile Machinery Exhibition

2004. 11. Acquired excellent quality certificate hosted by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2005. 06. Participated in the 11th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ShanghaiTex 2005)

2005. 07. Designated as a promising export SME

2005. 12. Acquired ISO14001/9001 certificate

2006. 06. Participated in Bandung International Textile Machinery Exhibition

2006. 10. Registered a patent for winder winding tension control method and control system

2007. 01. Participated in the 2007 India International Textile Machinery Fair (TEXMAC Inkia 2007)

2007. 03. Acquired a certificate of technological innovation small and medium-sized enterprises (INNO-BIZ)

2007. 04. Tension adjustable feed roller device patent registration

2007. 06. Participated in SHANGHAI TEX 2007 Textile Machinery Exhibition

2008. 07. Participated in ITMA ASIA 2008

2008. 07. Patent for bobbin spindle drive device for winder for sewing thread

2008. 08. Patent for thread waxing device in thread winder

2008. 09. Take-up winder patent

2008. 10. Participated in the 17th Korea International Textile Machinery Exhibition

2008. 12. Developed take-up winder for high-strength industrial use

2009. 7. Developed take up winder for carbon fiber

특허 및 수상

Patents and Awards

Hankook Tech has been certified for quality and technology through utility model registration and design registration, and continues to secure technological prowess by developing new technologies.

Each winder device has an official registration certificate issued by the Korean Intellectual Property Office to confirm its technological prowess.

[Registration of various technical utility models]

2002.05.07 High-speed Winder Traverse Cam Device Utility Model Registration No. 0275904
2003.03.07 Winder Cam Box Design Registration Certificate No. 0320205
2004.07.29 Winder Power Transmission Device Utility Model Registration No. 0358285
2004.09.30 Winder improvement winding device utility model registration certificate No. 0364081
2005.07.20 Kwon Sagi Export Promising Small and Medium Business Designation Certificate No. 2005-58
2006.10.26 Winder winding tension control method and control system Patent No. 10-0641681
2007.03.29 Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ) Confirmation No. 7031-1183
2007.04.02 Feed roller device with adjustable tension in winder Patent No. 10-0704556
2008.05.08 Textile machinery soft winder No. M8 08 03 65642 001

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