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KTC - 901

Jumbo winder

  • Precise winding system for superior package quality.

  • Dancer roller system for accurate take up tension.

  • All winding data are electronically input.

  • Flashing lights for yarn breakage, length completion, full yarn.


Drive:                        Frequency controlled

Frame:                      1-tier

Type of winding:       Digicone

Winding speed:        50 to 150m/min or 70 to 400m/min

Traverse length:       ≤ 500mm
Package diameter:   Max, Ø600mm

Winding ratio:           Electronic

Tube length:             ≤ 550mm

Tube:                        ID 140mm (other on Request)

Tier:                          1K to 60K (other on Request)

Package weight:       120kg

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