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KTC - 401

Hank to corn winder

  • The easiest operation with individual driving system.

  • A change of the TPM be small so high quality be right at a yield.

  • A winding of traverse be small a occurrence an cop kemp.

  • The winding of the mixed yarn relaxed/contracted by traversed action.

  • An individual fixing management with the suitable equipment.


Type of winding: Digicone

Yarn speed: ≤800m/min

Traverse length: 6" 8" 10"

Tube: Cylindrical or conical

Drive: Individual drive method

Drum pitch: 6" :350 8":400 10" :475

Yarns: All kinds of staple yarn

NO.of spindle: 6" : multiple of 5 8", 10" : multiple of 4

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